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"I'm delighted with the bike. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I wasn't expecting it so quickly and now I have it, it's even better looking than on the web. Great stuff!" NB (UK) "Just to confirm that the MKS removable pedals have arrived. I am now looking forward to use them. Thanks again for your great service" MM (Denmark) "My new Montague bike is fantastic, and fits into the car without any problems, so if you have any other enquiries from Smart car owners you can assure them it's been tried and tested" LS (UK) "The Bike has arrived safe and sound. I couldn’t wait to try it out so I assembled it and took it for a test ride, it’s exactly what I had in mind" Dryad Bushcraft (UK) "I’ve got the bike on Friday. Everything is fine. Thank you for your good job" PH (Germany) "I've unpacked it and I've had a quick ride on it tonight. Awesome! I need to adjust a few of the settings a bit, but very impressed. Thanks for your patience and support!" JG (UK) "Just thought I'd let you know I have now got my bike and been riding it for a full week. It really is lovely to ride - remarkably swift for the amount of ‘pedal power’ I put in!" HM (UK) "I can carry my new Montague bike upstairs under one arm, which is such a great advantage living in an upstairs flat with no alternative storage places." AG (UK) "Got the bike - it’s great! Service was also excellent, so I’ll definitely be recommending you" LB (UK) "Received the bike yesterday. Everything looks great, and it rides the same as it looks its perfect" JV (Netherlands) "The bike arrived today, every things are inside, it is great! Thanks again, you have an excellent service and if I buy my next bike, it will be on your website" FW (France) "The bike arrived Tuesday, every thing is perfect, the bike looks is really cool, hope I can drive it soon. Thanks to you, it was a pleasure to make business with you" MW (Germany) "Thanks for all the help on this. The bike is now with me in Rwanda. Very pleased with it" SM (Africa) "Dear Sirs, My bike arrived this morning and I am very pleased with it, also with the efficiency of your service" PK (UK) "You’ve been very helpful in sorting all this out – very impressed! 5 star service!!" SM (UK) "I love it! It’s a great bike and is a good deal, I was riding past a building site this morning and I heard one of them say “look at that bad ass bike”…obviously no women to whistle at!!" AP (UK) "The Swissbike TX bike has arrived safely in Finland and I am very satisfied with it! Immediately when my friend saw the bike, he also wanted to get one to himself too" MH (Finland) "Thanks very much for the prompt delivery, I'm very happy with my bike" HC (Jersey) "Hey, received the bike yesterday, took it out for a spin today, it drives wonderfully!" TD (Belgium) "Just to let you know that bikes arrived safely. Have set them up and been out on them a couple of times and they've exceeded all expectations" SW (UK) "Thanks, arrived saturday morning, all good great bike. I'm the envy of my friends!!" RS (UK) "Just wanted to know that Nina loves her bike, and that I am quite jelous. I would very much like to build myself a custom Swissbike, and I will ;-)" PR (Norway) "I’d had my old bike stolen and bought a Swissbike. I then did the West Highland way in 2 days, with it fully loaded with tent and camping stuff in panniers. Thoroughly recommended!" HG (UK) "Bike arrived safely today (Thursday) about 11:30 and I can only say thank you very much for your extremely efficient service" GJ (UK) "I just want to say thanks a million times for the frame! It has become a fantastic MTB now - even better than my old cannondale :-)" DD (Denmark) "I’ve managed to ride the bike now and I'm so so happy with it. I just love it. Honestly, it was beyond my expectations. Thank you very much for everything" TC (Bulgaria) "Just to let you know the bike has arrived ok. I'm looking forward to getting out for a ride soon. Thanks very much for the excellent service" DF (UK) "My old Para was a great bike the Para Toro is a fantastic bike and well worth the extra cost. I can't wait to get it up into the mountains!!!" GP (Tajikistan) "Many thanks for sorting the problem with my first order out fast and efficiently my order came the next day" LG (UK) "My trek went well and I did about 30 miles on the bike, some over very rough terrain. The bike went in the car (a Corsa) and on and off several buses with no problem" BS (UK) "I'm thoroughly enjoying riding it on the road cycling to work as well as out and around in the hills just outside of town" SJ (UK) "It's superbly engineered and handles better that I ever expected a folding bike would. It really is a fantastic bike and a joy to ride" MA (UK) "Thanks for the quick delivery. Also thanks for the advice and free extras. The bike is a joy to ride. It is a real pleasure doing business with you" TC (UK) "A HUGE THANK YOU for the fantastic level of service that you have provided me with buying my first bike in 17 years. I am happy I listened to my instincts in choosing your company to purchase from!" SD (UK)

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